There are few subjects more difficult to teach as a homeschool teacher than math. Even as a math teacher, some students do not connect with the content. Try as you might, homeschooling a math course might not be in the cards for you. Plenty of homeschool moms and dads have run into this problem and wish to help students learn this tricky subject. Luckily, there is a way. There are hundreds of different online courses and educational games designed to make math more accessible to students. The only issue with them – most of them still are unable to connect to the kids. In an online or homeschool setting, kids need personal interaction and a course that makes learning fun and achievable, especially math. Many homeschool moms and dads have turned their attention to Mr. D’s Math as the perfect way to get their child interested in the subject.

So what exactly is Mr. D Math? When we searched for a program to enroll our son, who struggled with math, we didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, a friend of ours pointed us towards this high school math course available from Mr. D Math. Our son has never had better grades in math, and we’ve never been more relieved. The goal of our review of Mr. D Math is to offer homeschool parents a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up on math classes; Mr. D Math is here to help.

What is Mr. D Math?

Say your daughter or son is struggling with the problems you’ve given them in the lesson. You might be teaching them in a way that helped you understand or proven to work for most students, but your child simply isn’t connecting with the concepts. Kids learn in different ways, so they need an instructor who can connect and adapt as necessary – Mr. D Math is one of the best online math classes for forming the lesson to the students’ needs.

Mr. D Math is a live online math class

Mr. D Math is a live online math class that offers students a math course that will work for them. There’s no pressure to stay up to date on the lessons; students can learn at their own pace and choose the class they need. If they need help or revisit a lesson, they can go back and review a video’s content. Mr. D Math covers all sorts of subjects – we will go into more details later. Kids can take the classes they need for the year and learn in a way that’s designed to fit the online structure.

Homeschooling math can be difficult, especially if your son or daughter isn’t connecting with the way you teach them. With the help of Mr. D Math, courses are accessible and easy to understand. Students can have fun while they learn and will be able to grasp concepts that were at one time foreign to them. From live classes to help sessions, this is the ultimate homeschool high school math class.

Bring Live Classes to Homeschooling

We noticed with most online math courses that they don’t offer teacher to student interaction. This might work for some kids, but for students like my son, this was even harder for him than the homeschooling courses we’d been working with. Kids need that direct attention and a curated lesson that allows the teacher to address any questions in real-time, not through post-video comments.

This is what Mr. D Math does best – their live video sessions allow students to interact and ask questions throughout the class. If there are still problems that kids are struggling with, they can get free help in the specified help sessions. Problem-solving can be difficult, and doing your work almost impossible when there’s no specific instructor. With Mr. D Math’s live video program, your kids will be more inclined to complete their work and will be free to ask questions as they need.

Classroom Interaction

One issue that many homeschool students struggle with is the lack of person-to-person interaction. Homeschooling removes students from the classroom setting – while this certainly has its benefits, it prevents kids from interacting with other kids daily. With the live video courses from Mr. D Math, the classroom is open for interaction. Your child can leave their video and mic on and interact in the chat with other homeschool students.

In this video, you will see the how the online classroom looks like.

This environment creates a fun and safe learning space where students aren’t secluded from one another. When a question is posed, your child can answer directly and share information with another student. This is how homeschooling is meant to perform, and by teaching directly to the student rather than through a pre-recorded lesson, Mr. D Math offers a program designed for your children, not for results.

Many Courses to Choose From

Mr. D. Math is an online course designed and specific to high school math classes. If your high schooler is struggling with math, then Mr. D Math is the program for you. They teach math as a language, not a problem that needs to be solved so that your child can better understand the concepts being taught. Mr. D Math specifically covers courses like Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry.

Each course is structured to mimic the typical in-person year by starting in late August and ending in late May. Here is the work, your children can expect to find when they enter a class.


This course starts by teaching the language of algebra. This high school math program makes the wording accessible and puts it in a way that your children can understand. Throughout the year, students develop an understanding of algebraic concepts that will be used later on. The courses teach students how to do algebra without demanding too much of them. If your son or daughter begins to fall behind, they can work with the self-paced courses to learn at the speed they need.

Algebra 1

This math program starts by teaching the concepts once again as a refresher. Once kids understand the wording, Mr. D Math begins to implement new concepts that might not have been covered in pre-algebra. The course then moves on to problem solving and analysis of algebraic problems. Each week, your children will encounter fun concepts that make the courses easy to grasp and fun to use.


Most children encounter throughout high school math classes because they fit into an either/or situation. They either understand pre-algebra and on, or they understand geometry. The two concepts tend to butt heads often and make children struggle in one or the other. You’ll find that with Mr. D Math, this isn’t the case – both concepts are easy to grasp and well-taught. Geometry starts with terminology and quickly transitions into work on concepts.

Algebra 2

This class is essentially the furthering of concepts and terms found in earlier renditions. It’s a quick build, but your children can always work at their own pace with self-paced courses. They can use information from previous classes to build their understanding year after year.

Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry

The final set of math classes available online include pre-calc with trigonometry. These online courses start their work off at one of the highest levels of highschool learning. Homeschool teaching this information can be difficult, so having a math teacher who is an expert and experienced in high school math levels will make the homeschool process much more accessible to all.

Summer Programs

Should your child want to practice and develop their skills or get ahead of the curve, they can always enroll in the summer programs available online. These are shorter, 11-month programs that can impart all of the necessary knowledge in a shorter time span. Get what you want out of Mr. D Math, double up, and get a year ahead with the online work found in their summer programs.

Self-Paced Courses

This is where the real benefit of online learning shows itself. Many children struggle because the math classes are much too fast for them. They find themselves lagging with no chance of catching up. Once they understand a concept, the classes have already moved on to the next. This leaves children who learn at their own pace lagging and lost.

Mr. D’s classes work with them to establish a pace that can help students. The self-paced math classes are accessible and easy to understand for any learner, no matter how much they may struggle. By the end of the year, even kids who utilize the self-paced course will be prepared for next year and ready to move on.

Test Preparation

Even though you homeschool, there are still standardized tests that must be completed. Make life easier on yourself and your kids with the test preparation classes offered at Mr. D’s. They want your children to do well, so they offer free preparation classes that include and share all of the necessary information that you’ll find on the exam.

These classes are self-paced as well so that your kids can learn the concepts that will be on the exam throughout the year, as they like, and in a process where they can get the most out of the experience. Spend a day learning what you need to know for the SAT and a week furthering your concepts in your regular math classes in a fun manner that you’ll love. Learn what you want, when you want, and complete the classes, and know the concepts you’ll encounter on exams.

Take the time to sit down and study with the SAT Math Bootcamp and the ACT Math Bootcamp. Your kid will like what they learn, and the concepts are easy to grasp. The method in which this is organized enables children to learn and study – not just memorize concepts.

What Students Will Love

Mr. D Math is simply fun. They put tough concepts that your kid might typically struggle with into easy to understand and fun lessons that children of all ages will love. Step by step, Mr. D works with the student to develop a path that can keep them on track without leaving them in the dust. The ability to interact with other children seems to be something lost by homeschool. With this online math class, they can spend time with other kids and a live instructor – they’ll get the homeschool experience but will still interact with kids.

Your kid will be happy with the concepts they’re learning, and you’ll be happy that someone is finally able to take the time to teach the information they need to know effectively. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this math class can make. Your child will be happy to learn about math concepts that were otherwise lost on them throughout the day.

What Parents Will Love

Life can be difficult when you try to homeschool your kid. The family will notice a stark contrast once you switch over to Mr. D. Math. Our family struggled to impart geometry concepts to our so,n and nobody was happy when math class rolled around. However, once we took the step and enrolled with Mr. D, our family noticed the difference.

To homeschool effectively takes great patience and an understanding of both concepts and methods of teaching. Your time in homeschool should be effective and well-managed, and many parents struggle to impart math concepts in that manner. Parents will love how easy life is once they no longer struggle with math alongside their kids. The day you switch to Mr. D is the day that you find the true benefits of homeschool.

High-Quality Instructors

The instructors at Mr. D Math might be some of the best we’ve seen. They’re always free to chat should you have any questions, and they take the time to respond when needed. They are experts in high school math concepts and know how to adapt their lessons to fit everyone’s needs, not just a few. You can schedule a free review session, and each instructor will take the time to come in and help out on any concepts that might continue to evade your children.