Matching games are great ways for toddlers, preschool, and other young children to develop critical thinking skills. They help with memory, motor, and identification skills, which build a strong foundation for your child’s future. So let’s find the best matching games.

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The 5 Best Matching Games for Toddlers at a Glance

There are many types of matching games. Some focus on color, shape, animal, counting, and more – and often, the games will focus on all three. Let’s take a look at some of the best and new games on the market today.

  1. Most Popular Characters: Disney Classic Character Matching Game
  2. Best Unique Design: Ravensburger Cute Monsters Game
  3. Animal Matching Game: Banana Panda – Suuuper Size Memory Game
  4. Puzzle Matching Game: The Learning Journey Vehicle Matching Puzzle
  5. Complex Matching Game: Neoformers Counting Bears with Matching and Sorting Cups

Top 5 Matching Games for Toddlers Reviewed

1. Best Popular Characters: Disney Classic Character Matching Game

For toddlers and preschool-aged kids who love Disney, you need these games! The content will be familiar, making mastering the pairing of the pictures easier. The Disney Classic Character Game is great for kids just starting. They will be able to identify their favorite Disney characters in addition to their basic colors on cards. Parents can push it a little bit forward by asking the players to identify what animals their characters are too.

Awesome for kids aged 3 to 5. You can age up for players to make these games more difficult to develop memory, too, by flipping the cards back over. You can choose several different characters, too, if Disney classic isn’t your child’s favorite character. There are 72 items, and afterward, your preschooler will be able to practice their focus—memory, and pairing skills.

2. Best Unique Design: Ravensburger Cute Monsters Game

The pictures on the cards are super cute, and you will have fun using these games with your toddlers, preschool kids, and more. Your toddler will have fun with the simple games and cute monsters. The Ravensburger Cute Monsters Game is a super cute must-have game for your preschooler, engaging their attention through cute monster illustration content. These have more complex color patterns, so your child will be able to identify patterns and illustrations. There are different monsters that you can tell funny stories about as you play.

Starting, you and your kids could work to pair items face up, and then as you get more comfortable with pairing, you can turn them upside down to strengthen memory with your children. There are 48 tiles, and no matter how many times your children play, there are endless possibilities, so they never get bored! These are unique, and your children and students will have a blast playing.

3. Banana Panda – Suuuper Size Memory Game – Educational Game for Kids Ages 2 Years and Up

When you play with these cards with your preschoolers, they will pair together cards they love based on pictures, and no matter how many players, it is easy to explore and use for all ages. Animals are a perfect way to engage with preschoolers, and the Banana Panda – Suuuper Size Memory Game is among the best animal games on the market. This game will assist your toddlers, preschoolers, and other young kids identify colors and animals – and bonus, your kids can practice sounds too. It is good for ages 2 and older, and there are several pairs in the set.

The cards are thick pieces that are large in size and durable. The game will help young people build creative thinking, imagination, and problem-solving while improving memory. This simple STEM game is Amazon’s Choice, and it will yield dividends in the future.

4. Best Puzzle Matching Game – The Learning Journey Vehicle Matching Puzzle

Every toddler can see how every piece fits together to create the right vehicle and learn along the way. This information will get your young ones to search for the perfect fit while getting to know different vehicles. Puzzles are a good way to engage your children, and The Learning Journey Vehicle Matching Puzzle is an awesome first puzzle game. There are 15 pairs of two for your child to work on, and the vehicle illustrations will help you educate your kids as they put them together. You can practice identifying bikes, trains, and more ways to get around and any sounds to increase their comprehension.

Just like color matching games for toddlers, puzzles will help practice motor skills too, and you can flip the pieces back over to help improve memory. The colorful illustrations and pieces will develop problem-solving tools, creating thinking and perseverance while improving focus, boosting confidence, and building self-esteem. This is a fun way to teach and learn with your toddlers while you play.

5. Best Complex Matching Game – Neoformers Counting Bears with Matching and Sorting Cups

This is among the most complex games on this list, but you can level up to play how you want. Good for preschoolers and more, you can have multiple players find cards and mirror shapes that the cards show. The Neoformers Counting Bears with Matching and Sorting Cups is a must-have game that can grow with you and your toddler! First, you can pair the bears with the right color cup. Then, you can practice counting the bears. Lastly, there are clear and easy pictures that your child can build to match, stacking the cups and bears first to mirror the set-up then later to match the picture exactly.

This multifunctional game will teach your child important STEM skills, including basic math. If you want to improve hand-eye coordination, encourage your child to use the tongs to put the bears in the cups. Your child’s cognitive abilities will improve with this game, and while it’s not a traditional pairing game, it is one that will keep their attention.

Start Playing!

No matter which one of the games you choose, players will love to play and make simple pairs of two with cards. This will allow them to learn what goes with what and have an amazing time while doing it. Know that the games may have various ways to play so that you can search for simple STEM concepts, practice sounds, and so much more. You will find a new way to engage with your kids every time you play.