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Calming Painting Ideas for Kids to Try

Painting is a fun and brilliant way to help kids stay engaged and express their creativity. It helps kids to explore their emotions and allows them to find a way of expressing themselves. Like fidget toys, painting can help to relieve stress and anxiety.
There are various types and styles of painting to help your kids explore, and in this article, we will show you eight painting ideas for kids to try. Wondering how to help your little ones find their inner Picasso? Keep reading:
Scrape Painting
Scrape painting is a fun way to improve your kids’ fine motor skills. It’s also effortless to do, and it…

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How Can Fidget Toys Help Kids Learn?

A fidget toy can help relax while allowing the brain to focus. The toy positively affects self-regulation, promoting tactile input or movement, active listening, calming, and enhancing attention and focus. Everyone can benefit from fidget tools, but this toy is prevalent in school and at home for kids with ADHD or special needs. Fidget toys come in various forms, sizes, and textures and are popular in many classrooms and desks at home or office. Most people know fidget spinners, squiggles, tangles, push-pop bubble sensory processing toys, or stress balls.
Who Can Benefit from Using Fidget Toys?
Using fidget tools may help kids with ADHD and restless children pay attention. Students with a short attention span can cause …

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