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The Best Lego Math Game Concepts

When you ask a kid what they would rather do, math or Legos, chances are high that the answer is Legos. But did you know that there are great LEGO math activities to teach various math concepts? One of the most fantastic things about the internet is that great ideas are aplenty. Many of the people who come up with them offer free printable(s) to help with the frugal fun.
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What Can Math Concepts Be Taught With Lego Bricks?
Math and Legos go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are so many different math concepts and life skills that can be…

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Mr. D’s Math Brings Live Classes to Homeschooling

There are few subjects more difficult to teach as a homeschool teacher than math. Even as a math teacher, some students do not connect with the content. Try as you might, homeschooling a math course might not be in the cards for you. Plenty of homeschool moms and dads have run into this problem and wish to help students learn this tricky subject. Luckily, there is a way. There are hundreds of different online courses and educational games designed to make math more accessible to students. The only issue with them – most of them still are unable to connect to the kids. In an online or homeschool …

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