You Belong at the Zoo
What's more fun than spending a day (or two or three) at the zoo?  Absolutely nothing!  BlackDog loves visiting his friends at the zoo.

To find a zoo near you, check the links below.  Until it's time to go, have fun with the zoo games and activities BlackDog has for you on-line.

News from Atlanta!  A second Giant Panda born to Atlanta Zoo's Lun Lun on August, 2008!  Click here to read all about the new baby panda.

Play some panda games at BlackDog's Panda Pandemonium.
BlackDog's On-Line Zoo Activities:
Zoo Animal Match Game:  Have fun matching the zoo animal photos.

Animal Word Games Zoo Animal Puzzles:  Lots and lots of nifty zoo animal puzzles to play on-line.  You can even download zoo animal jigsaw puzzles to play off-line, too.

Who lives at the zoo?  Look at photos of animals and pick which animal you think you'd most likely find at the zoo.  Fun for the younger set.

Zoo Animal Photo Safari:  Go on a photo safari with BlackDog's on-line zoo camera.  You won't know which animal's picture you've taken until the film is developed.  After you see your photo, you may take another photo, play a puzzle or send a postcard.  Lots of fun.

Zoo Animal Tic-Tac-Toe:  Ollie the orangutang loves tic-tac-toe.  Choose the zoo animal you'd like to be and have fun playing the game with him.

How much do you know about . . . ?  Try BlackDog's animal quizzes to find out.  You might learn a bit about the animals, too!

A baby duck is called a . . . ?  Names of male and female animals - and what their babies are called.

A group of crows is called a . . . ?  When animals hang out together, the names of the groups they're in can be pretty wierd!  Check out the Names of Animal Groups.

Zoo Animal Postcards  Send all your friends a free zoo animal postcard.
BlackDog's Zoo Downloads:
Zoo Animal Screen Savers:  They spat, bounce and wipe your screen.  Fun!  There's also a mixed zoo animals screen saver to match the zoo animal desktop wallpaper (see below).  All screen savers are for Windows operating systems only.

Zoo Animal Jigsaw Puzzles:  Each puzzle has 49 pieces and is small enough to fit on a 1.44 mb floppy.  You can even play the puzzle from the floppy.  Enjoy!

Zoo Animal Computer Desktop Wallpaper:  Decorate your computer screen with zoo animals.  Choose from a dozen images for your wallpaper - then download the screen saver with all of the pictures.

Print & Play Zoo Animal Word Search Games:  Print these fun word search games for lots of zoo animal off-line fun.
Where to Find Information on Animals and a Zoo Near You:
To locate a zoo in the United States, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association has a nifty search engine.  You can search by name or by State.  To locate zoos around the world, try the Global Zoo Directory.  For even more information, check out The Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos.  "CAUZ" is an international network of scientists and educators in universities, zoos, aquariums, conservation organizations, and governmental agencies dedicated to worldwide conservation.  Also, check out The WWW Virtual Library:Zoos.
Some Suggestions for Your Zoo Trip:
Suggestion #1:  On your trip to the zoo, be sure to take a hat and wear sunscreen.  It's easy to get a sunburn walking around outside on a sunny day!

Suggestion #2:  Don't forget to take a camera and film.  (Disposable cameras are great if you don't have one of your own.)

Suggestion #3:  Don't feed the animals at the zoo.  You'll see signs asking you not to do that when you're there.  There's a good reason for that rule -- the food you give a zoo animal might be tasty, but it might hurt the animal.  So be sure to abide by the rules and don't feed the animals.

Suggestion #4:  Be sure to stay behind the barriers between you and the animals when you're at the zoo.  The animals are cute and lovable, but they are wild animals.  So, mind the rules and stay safe!

Suggestion #5:  If you are in a group that wants to go to a zoo, call ahead.  Most zoos have special admission prices and programs for groups.
Web Sites of Some of the Zoos BlackDog has Visited:

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