BlackDog's Valentine Heart Shapes Click here for more Valentine fun!
Here's a heart in several colors for you to print out and use for Valentine projects.  They're great for Valentine poems, notes, cards, making heart booklets, decorations, anything you can think of!  Click on the colored heart you want below and the large heart will appear in your web browser.

Printing Instructions

Heart #1

Heart #2

Heart #3

Heart #4

Heart #5

Heart #6

Heart #7

Heart #8

BlackDog's Valentine Fun & Games


BlackDog's Valentine Fun & Games

How to Print:  To print the Valentine heart shapes, click on the color heart you want to print and the large image will load in your web browser.  When the heart has fully appeared, from the upper left corner of your web browser, click on "File" then "Print."  If that doesn't work for you, follow your own web browser's directions on how to print a web page.  After you've printed your heart, cut it out and have some fun with whatever Valentine project you can dream up.  Kids:  Get some help with those scissors!

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