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BlackDog's Valentine Mazes

Like mazes?  BlackDog has sixteen different heart-shaped Valentine mazes for you to print and play.  These mazes are free, so print as many as you like.

Maze 1

Maze 2

Maze 3

Maze 4

Maze 5

Maze 6

Maze 7

Maze 8

Maze 9

Maze 10

Maze 11

Maze 12

Maze 13

Maze 14

Maze 15

Maze 16

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BlackDog's Valentine Fun & Games


BlackDog's Valentine Fun & Games

How to Play:
Choose a maze by clicking on one of the small heart images above.  The first eight mazes are easy; the last eight mazes are hard.

To print your maze, wait until the maze is fully loaded in your web browser.  Then click on "File" in the upper left corner of your browser, then "Print."  Or, follow your web browser's directions on how to print a web page.  Make sure you have some regular-size typing paper in your printer.

To play the easy mazes, begin at the top and end at the bottom.  To play the harder mazes, begin at the green dot and end at the red dot.  Enjoy!

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