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Have fun figuring out the scrambled Valentine words with BlackDog's secret decoders.  There are 10 different games, each with 15 Valentine words to decode.  Print them out to play off-line.  Enjoy!

Detailed Playing Instructions

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Here's a decoder key to print out and use to make up your own secret Valentine messages.

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BlackDog's Valentine Fun & Games


BlackDog's Valentine Fun & Games

How to Play:
At the top of each game is a grid with two rows of letters.  All of the letters of the alphabet are set out in the first row of the Secret Decoder.  The second row of letters is the key.  Use the key to unscramble the Valentine words.

An example of one decoder key might be:
The word unscrambled would be "treat." 

There is a different decoder key for each game.  A word list is provided for every game to help you out.

To print the games to play off-line, first choose a game and allow it to fully load in your web browser.  Then, from the upper left corner of your web browser, click on "File" then "Print" or follow your web browser's directions on how to print a web page.  Have fun!

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