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Happy Thanksgiving

Take a Thanksgiving Nature Walk

Let's face it.  At Thanksgiving, all the vegetables aren't found on the table.  Get up and go outside!  Take a nature walk and see if you can find the things listed below.

Nature Walk List
  • a red leaf
  • a brown leaf
  • an orange leaf
  • a pine cone
  • an acorn
  • a dried weed or pod
  • a seed
  • a piece of bark
  • a sweetgum ball
  • dried berries

Click here for a cute leaf image for your nature walk.  Print it and cut it out.  Kids- get some help with those scissors!

To print your list of things to find, from the upper left corner of your web browser, click on "File" then "Print."  Or, follow your web browser's directions on how to print a web page.

Enjoy your walk!

BlackDog's Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanks to Abbie L. (Snellville, Georgia, USA) for this cool Thanksgiving-time activity.