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BlackDog's St. Patrick's Day QuizBlackDog's St. Patrick's Day

How much do you know about St. Patrick's Day?  Take the quiz to find out.  Click "clear" to play again.  Enjoy!
1.  When is St. Patrick's Day celebrated every year?
Third Sunday in March
Second Wednesday in March
March 17th

2.  St. Patrick drove snakes from Ireland by:
Playing a flute
Banging a drum
Eating shamrocks

3.  While he was enslaved in Ireland, St. Patrick:
Converted the Irish to Christianity
Herded and tended sheep and swine
Drove snakes and venomous beasts away

4.  St. Patrick is the:
Patron saint of Ireland
Patron saint of snakes
Patron saint of Britain

5.  Leprechauns are:
The national symbol of Ireland
Real creatures who drink mead
Self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure

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Correct answers:

Need some help?  Learn some St. Pat's history & legend.

BlackDog's St. Patrick's Day Fun & Games


BlackDog's St. Patrick's Day Fun & Games

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