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Mother's Day Ideas, Gifts and Special TreatsMother's Day Ideas, Gifts and Special Treats

We all want to give something special on Mother's Day.  Here are some ideas.  Kids:  You'll need help with some of these projects!

  1. Hand paint a clay flower pot:  Purchase a small flower pot from a discount store or a garden center.  Use tempera or poster paint to paint designs, or sponge paint the pot using an old sponge.  Planting a flower is optional, but nice.  Kids will need help finding the elements of this one.

  2. Frame Your Hand:  Buy an inexpensive 5x7 plastic picture frame.  Take a plain white piece of construction paper and put your handprint on it by painting your hand and stamping it on the paper.  Write Happy Mother's Day around your hand or your name, or just decorate it.  Let the picture dry, then cut it out to fit in the frame.  Mom will love this one for her desk at work or at home.  Kids will need help with this one, too.

  3. Frame Your Face:  Make a frame out of popsicle sticks by gluing 4 together in the shape of a square.  Paint or decorate the frame with stickers.  Glue your picture inside.  Buy a magnet and glue it to the picture so she can put it on the refrigerator.  Kids:  Make sure the picture you choose to frame is okay to use!

  4. Give Mom an Award:  Make a free award here at BlackDog's Mother's day Awards.  Instead of emailing it, print it out.  Make a popsicle frame, cut out the award, and glue it in the frame.  Kids:  Get some help with those scissors!

  5. Give Mom a Coupon:  Print out one (or more!) free coupons here at BlackDog's Mother's Day Coupons.  Fill out the coupon with a promise you make that you intend to keep.  Kids:  Again, get some help with those scissors!

  6. Mom Trivia Game:  Make up a trivia quiz about your Mother that includes her pet peeves, habits, favorite things to say, etc.  For example, "When I was your age. . . ."  On Mother's Day, play the trivia game with her and other family members.  She won't believe a word of it.

  7. No time to make something?  Check out the Mother's Day Shop. for some cool gifts to buy.  Kids:  You need a grownup for the shop.
  8. Is your Mom interested in all things electronic? Mother's Day Gifts on Sale now at J&R.

  9. The Most Important of All:
    • Give Mom a big hug and kiss and tell her you love her!
    • Walk up beside Mom and hold her hand, just because you want to.
    • Pick up your toys and clothes and put them away without having to be reminded.
    • Vaccuum the living room or dust the furniture.  (Get help if you need it!)
    • Make her breakfast, or help arrange a nice, leisurely meal.  (Get help if you need it!)
    • Make a point of showing your Mother the respect she's due, especially if you sometimes forget to pay close attention to what she says and how she feels.
    • A card is optional.

BlackDog's Mother's Day Celebration


BlackDog's Mother's Day Celebration