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BlackDog's Easter Stereograms

Stereograms are fun!  You've probably seen them as you walk around a mall.  They're the pictures that look like dots, but really have a hidden image under the dots.  Stereograms are actually 3D images hidden within another picture. 

This year, BlackDog has 6 cool stereograms, each with an Easter theme.  Check them out and see if you can see the hidden Easter word.
Choose a Stereogram
Easter Stereogram #1 Easter Stereogram #4
Easter Stereogram #2 Easter Stereogram #5
Easter Stereogram #3 Easter Stereogram #6

To view the hidden picture, stare at the picture until the image starts to take shape.  See the Tips for Viewing Stereograms if you are having trouble seeing them.

BlackDog's Easter Celebration


BlackDog's Easter Celebration

Tips for Viewing 3-D Stereograms:

  1. Pick a spot on the picture (the middle seems to work best) and just stare at it.
  2. Allow your eyes to relax, don't just stare AT the image, try to stare THROUGH it.  You'll notice your eyes will go slightly out of focus.  This is normal.
  3. Keep staring, don't give up, once you begin to see the first image, it gets much easier.
  4. If you are still having trouble viewing the stereograms, please see the article entitled "Why Some People Cannot See Hidden Stereogram Images" by Jason Weekley.

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