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How much do you know about Father's Day?  Take the quiz to find out.  Click "clear" to play again.
1.  When is Father's Day celebrated every year in the USA?
June 1st
Third Sunday in June
Second Sunday in June

2. Who is said to have begun the tradition of celebrating Father's Day?
Anna M Jarvis
Sonora Smart Dodd
Charles Grimes

3. Father's Day was first celebrated on:
June 19, 1910
June 20, 1929
June 21, 1966

4. Who is said to be the "father of modern science?"
Charles Darwin
Albert Einstein
Robert Oppenheimer

5. Who is said to be the "father of our country?"
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington

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BlackDog's Father's Day Celebration


BlackDog's Father's Day Celebration