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The pacifier is lost and the baby is NOT happy!  Help dad find baby's pacifier by finding your way through each of BlackDog's Father's Day Java maze games.  Play each maze several times.  You get a different one each time you reload/refresh the web page.  Choose your maze:

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How To Print Your Mazes
First, click on the small picture of each maze and a full-size version of the maze will appear in your web browser.

Then, when the whole picture has loaded, just click on "File" (top left corner of your web browser usually) and then "Print."  Make sure your printer is turned on and has some regular size typing paper ready.  If that doesn't work, check your web browser's "Help" files for how to print a web page.

To return to this page after printing your maze, click the 'back' button on your web browser.
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