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Make your own word search puzzles to print and play using BlackDog's Word Search Puzzle Maker.  Have fun playing with friends or use the puzzles for spelling or vocabulary practice.  It's easy. Choose the difficulty below then you will be taken to a page where you will finish creating your word search game.  You can customize your word search puzzle with your own name if you like, and you can use your own word list.  It's fun, so - get started!

Click on one of the word lists below to begin building your game

Words for Grade 1
Words for Grade 2
Words for Grade 3
Words for Grade 4
Words for Grade 5
Words for Grade 6
Words for Grade 7
Words for Grade 8
Each time you click on a word list, you'll get a random set of 10 words tailored for that particular grade level.  If you don't like the words in your word list, there is a link to return to this page and try again with different words.  Each word search puzzle you create will be different.

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Word Search Games


Word Search Games

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Word Search Games