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Have fun playing BlackDog's puzzles on your own computer.  No matter the number of pieces, each puzzle is small, about 350 kb.  That's small enough to fit a couple of them on a 1.44 mb floppy.  (If you still have a floppy drive that is!)  There is nothing to install or uninstall. 


The BlackDog Jigsaw Puzzle Download BlackDog's Jigsaw Game:  Have fun playing BlackDog's unique jigsaw puzzle off-line.  There are several nifty features, including a preview of the hidden picture, the option to show puzzle piece locations, and a fun surprise at the end.
Food and
Flower Puzzles
Flower Jigsaw Puzzle Downloads:  Flowers, flowers, flowers.  16 flower jigsaws to download & have fun playing off-line.  Play these jigsaws on-line, too.  (Java required.)

Fruits and Veggies Jigsaw Puzzles:  Feeling hungry?  Yummy!  Download these jigsaws, or play them on-line.  (Java required.)
Animals and Other Living Things Puzzles Miscellaneous Animal Jigsaw Puzzles:  Choose from four different sizes for each puzzle.  The more pieces the puzzle has, the harder the puzzle is.  No matter the size, each puzzle is small enough to fit on a 1.44 mb floppy.  There is nothing to install or uninstall.  You can play your puzzle from a floppy.

Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles:  Lots of fun butterfly jigsaws to download & play off-line.  They come in 4 sizes:  9, 16, 36 and 64 pieces.  If you have a Java-capable web browser, you can play these puzzles on-line, too.

Zoo Animal Jigsaw Puzzles:  More animal puzzles to download & play off-line.  Each of these puzzles has 49 pieces and fits on a floppy.
Cartoon Puzzles Cartoons 1
Includes:  Bad Egg, Purple Daisy, 'Fraidy Cat, Mad Taxi, Green Guy, and 'Toon Top
Cartoons 2
Includes:  BlackDog's Picnic, BlackDog's Staff, The Fish Puzzle, Funny Hand, Patty Parrott, Mr. Bean, Eggman, and Goofy Clown
Cartoons 3
Includes:  Yellow Bird, Mr. Mop, The MouseBack, Pelican, Airplane, Rainbow, Scarecrow, and The Shark
Places and Things Jigsaws Bahamas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzles:  30 jigsaws to download & play off-line or play on-line with a Java-capable web browser.  Each download puzzle has 48 pieces.

Bruges, Belgium Jigsaw Puzzles:  24 jigsaws to download & play off-line or play on-line with a Java-capable web browser.  Each of the download puzzles has 64 pieces.  Not for the faint of heart!

Isla Mujeres, Mexico Jigsaw Puzzles:  Choose from 4 sizes for 20 different pictures.  They range from 12 piece puzzles for the novice up to 108 pieces for the truly addicted puzzler.

Ocean City, New Jersey Jigsaw Puzzles:  There are 20 different images of OCNJ, each made into four puzzle sizes:  12, 24, 48 and 108 pieces.  If that's not enough, there are also 40 bonus OCNJ puzzles bundled up into one convenient .zip file.
Holiday Puzzles Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles:  If there's a holiday on BlackDog, there are puzzles to play.  Check here for holiday puzzles to download.
Like these puzzles?  Would you like to make your own jigsaws using your own pictures?  It's easy with Jigs@w Puzzle - a cool program by Tibo Software.  It's only $9.95 and lots of fun.  You can make puzzles from your own digital photos and even mail them to your friends.  Note:  A new web browser window will open when you click the link.  To return to this page, just close the new browser window when you're done.

The puzzles are free for your personal use.
Donations are always appreciated.
You may not sell or distribute them yourself.

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Kids:  Get permission before downloading anything from the internet.

For Windows 95+ operating systems only.

Click the link under the picture of the puzzle you want to download and save the file to your computer or to a floppy disk.  The name of the file you download will be the same as the name of the puzzle.

Once you have downloaded the jigsaw puzzle you want to play to your computer, double-click on the .exe file to open it and play the game.  Each of the .exe puzzle files is between 250 and 350 kb each.

These puzzles are not installed on your computer.  If you don't want the program any more, just delete the file you downloaded.  Threre is nothing to uninstall.

Viruses?  The puzzles you download from BlackDog have been tested to make sure they do not contain a virus.  If you have a puzzle that you believe is infected with a virus of some kind, you did not download the file from BlackDog.

Trouble downloading?  Make sure you aren't in frames from somebody else's site or behind a firewall.  The puzzles are set up so that they can be downloaded from BlackDog's site only.

Important:The jigsaw puzzles may be used on your personal computer only.  Do not email them to your friends or distribute them from your own web site, or from anywhere else.  If you do that, people won't come to BlackDog's site to get their own puzzles, the banner ads that pay for everything won't be displayed, and BlackDog won't be able to keep giving away things for free.  If you want to share the puzzles with other people, please use the "Email Me" link to send the url of this web page or the web page the puzzle is on to your friends.  Thanks for being considerate.

That's it!

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