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Budapest, Hungary Puzzles

Tulum, Mexico Puzzles

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Miami Zoo Puzzles

Memphis, Tennessee Puzzles

Isla Mujeres, Mexico Puzzles

Carmel, California Puzzles

How to Play:

  • When you click one of the links above, a new browser window will open with the puzzles.  If you have a pop-up blocker, you will need to turn it off temporarily to play. 
  • When the new browser window opens, you will see one puzzle ready to play.  More puzzles are available from the drop-down box.  The puzzle window is flexible.  You can resize it any way you like to help you find all the puzzle pieces. 
  • Start your selected puzzle from the drop down menu by clicking the "BREAK" button.
  • The puzzle can be dragged by grabbing the image.  This feature can be turned off with the labeled toggle button.
  • Break the puzzle into as many pieces as you want.  You will probably need to look around to find all the pieces of the puzzle.  Try not to put a piece on top of another piece.  If a puzzle piece gets lost, you may have to click the browser "refresh" button (usually F5) and start over.
  • Move the pieces into position to solve it.
  • Stuck?  Use the Hint button.
  • Fed up?  Let the puzzle solve itself with the Solve button.
  • Load a new puzzle image and play with that one for a while.  The images have not been pre-loaded, so you will have to wait for a download when you switch images.
  • At any stage, an optional grid can be turned on and off to assist in piece placement.
  • If the puzzle has a low piece count, the grid may slow the puzzle down on IE4.
  • In NN4, after a puzzle drag or a new image load, the form buttons may not display properly.  Scroll the puzzle off the screen and back on to fix, or in WIN95, select View-Refresh.
  • When you have finished playing, close the puzzle window to return to this page.
  • Sorry, these puzzles do not work in Firefox.

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Thanks to HTML Lab for creating the script used to make these cool puzzles.