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BlackDog's Daily Puzzles

Different Puzzles Every Day
Click the link above for today's featured puzzles.  You'll be shown a special picture (which changes every day) and given a choice of three different kinds of puzzles to play:  a jigsaw puzzle, a drag & drop puzzle, or a slider puzzle.  Each is fun - and free - , so play them all.

Do you know how many new puzzles a year are on BlackDog?  Well. . .  there are 365 days each year, plus one day for leap year =
          366   days
          x 3   puzzles each day
         1098   puzzles!
What will tomorrow's special picture be?  A cool animal?  Pretty flowers?  Or maybe a train, an airplane or a nifty picture of outer space.
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Really can't wait?  Here's the list of all the daily puzzles.

The puzzles are free for your personal use.
Donations are always appreciated
and help keep BlackDog going.

BlackDog's Puzzle O'Rama

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