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BlackDog's Donut MazesBlackDog's Donut Mazes

Print out and play BlackDog's Donut mazes.

(Printing Instructions Below)
  1. Little Skinny Donut
  2. Little Skinny Donut
  3. Little Skinny Donut
  4. Little Skinny Donut
  5. Little Skinny Donut
  6. Little Skinny Donut
  1. Thin Donut
  2. Thin Donut
  3. Thin Donut
  4. Thin Donut
  5. Thin Donut
  6. Thin Donut
  1. Medium Donut
  2. Medium Donut
  3. Medium Donut
  4. Medium Donut
  5. Medium Donut
  6. Medium Donut
  1. Fat Donut
  2. Fat Donut
  3. Fat Donut
  4. Fat Donut
  5. Fat Donut
  6. Fat Donut
  1. Really Big & Fat Donut
  2. Really Big & Fat Donut
  3. Really Big & Fat Donut
  4. Really Big & Fat Donut
  5. Really Big & Fat Donut
  6. Really Big & Fat Donut
Each link above has a different donut maze for you to print out and play.  Skinny donut mazes are easier than fat donut mazes.

To print your maze, click the link.  When the maze is fully loaded in your web browser, click on "File" in the upper left corner of your browser, then "Print."  To return to this page, click the "Back" button in your web browser.  To play, begin on the left side at the arrow and end in the center with BlackDog.

The mazes are free for private, non-commercial and educational use.

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