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BlackDog's Animal MazesBlackDog's Animal Mazes

Print out and play BlackDog's animal mazes.
Bear Maze
BlackDog's Maze
Butterfly Maze
The Camel Maze
Black Cat Maze
The Cow Maze
Dinosaur Maze
The Duck Maze
The Elephant Maze
The Fish Maze
The Giraffe Maze
The Hippo Maze
Horse Maze
The Owl Maze
The Rabbit Maze
Reindeer Maze
The Rooster Maze
Black Widow Spider Maze
Turkey Maze
The Turtle Maze
Choose an animal maze from the links above.  To print your maze, wait until the maze has fully loaded, then click on "File" in the upper left corner of your web browser, then "Print."  Or, follow your web browser's directions on how to print a web page.  To return to this page to choose a different maze, click your web browser's "Back" button.  To play the maze, begin at the green dot and end at the red dot.

The mazes are free for private, non-commercial and educational use.

BlackDog's Maze-O-Rama


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